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US-8168512-B2: Manufacturing method of semiconductor device patent, US-6782510-B1: Word checking tool for controlling the language content in documents using dictionaries with modifyable status fields patent, US-6851832-B2: Led tube light housings patent, US-8171995-B2: Pressure relieving transition joint patent, US-8291183-B2: Assisted mainframe data de-duplication patent, US-8518349-B2: Use of autologous sediment from fluid aspirates as vehicles for drug delivery patent, US-7727739-B2: Methods for measuring enzyme activity patent, US-7779033-B2: Method for controlling a data processing device patent, US-7989682-B2: Inbred corn line BB59 patent, US-8402457-B2: Content distribution method and content distribution package patent, US-7531620-B2: Cross-linkable highly fluorinated poly(arylene ethers) for optical waveguide applications patent, US-7723660-B2: Sensor-based chemical management for agricultural landscapes patent, US-7870399-B2: Software trusted platform module and application security wrapper patent, US-8445177-B2: Photosensitive adhesive composition, and obtained using the same, adhesive film, adhesive sheet, semiconductor wafer with adhesive layer, semiconductor device and electronic part patent, US-7553663-B2: Dedifferentiated, programmable stem cells of monocytic origin, and their production and use patent, US-7986454-B1: Tunable terahertz generator using a magnon gain medium with an antenna patent, US-7118520-B2: Method of producing a data disk holder with adhesive seal strip patent, US-8068413-B2: Overload control method for access media gateway and corresponding access media gateway patent, US-6974985-B2: Capacitor and method for fabricating the same, and semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-8129744-B2: Light emitting device patent, US-8170681-B2: Method of charging an implantable medical device patent, US-8517469-B1: Three-axis adjustable back support assembly and method patent, US-7296492-B2: Animated toy with geneva mechanism patent, US-6958463-B1: Heater with simultaneous hot spot and mechanical intrusion protection patent, US-7130788-B2: Emulation components and system including distributed event monitoring, and testing of an IC design under emulation patent, US-8360776-B2: System and method for calculating a projectile impact coordinates patent, US-8370821-B2: Method for enabling profile-based call site tailor-ing using profile gathering of cloned functions patent, US-6769747-B2: Table patent, US-7569863-B2: Semiconductor light emitting device patent, US-7614343-B2: Methods for the compensation of a transverse elongation and/or longitudinal elongation of a printing material and printing press with several printing couples generating at least one printed image on a printing material patent, US-8142128-B1: Anchor and method for anchoring patent, US-7500494-B2: System and method for pipe repair patent, US-6883122-B2: Write pass error detection patent, US-2008266725-A1: Tmr sensor having an under-layer treated with nitrogen for increased magnetoresistance patent, US-7090103-B2: Vehicle article carrier having stowable cross bars patent, US-8433441-B2: Fuel dispenser having FM transmission capability for fueling information patent, US-7081837-B2: Compressed standardized keyboard patent, US-6742952-B1: Transparent or translucent tubular structure patent, US-7612174-B2: Scavenger receptor patent, US-7780131-B2: Mounting system capable of repositioning an apparatus relative to a reference plane patent, US-7258882-B2: System for maintaining fresh quality and safe food attributes of minimally processed produce patent, US-7556904-B2: Toner for electrostatic development, developer, image forming method, image-forming apparatus and process for cartridge using the same patent, US-8012928-B2: Truncated PAP2 and methods of making and using same patent, US-7490106-B2: Multidimensional database subcubes patent, US-7547664-B2: Additives comprising chlorinated carbohydrates patent, US-8443970-B2: Dispensing capsule patent, US-7489098-B2: System for monitoring load and angle for mobile lift device patent, US-8426015-B2: Clear and flame retardant polycarbonate resin film patent, US-7235237-B2: Methods of treating vascular diseases characterized by nitric oxide insufficiency patent, US-7879145-B2: Inorganic composition and products and manufacturing process patent, US-7933968-B1: Token-based personalization of smart appliances patent, US-8139728-B2: Method and apparatus for telephonically accessing and navigating the internet patent, US-8535290-B2: Apparatus and methods for clot dissolution patent, US-7681635-B2: Methods of fracturing sensitive formations patent, US-7562032-B2: Ordering items of playable content or other works patent, US-8130077-B2: Wireless communications devices patent, US-7103907-B1: RF return optical transmission patent, US-2010027352-A1: Non-volatile semiconductor memory device patent, US-7683140-B2: Method for determining temperature value indicative of resin stickiness from data generated by polymerization reaction monitoring patent, US-8172770-B2: System and method for minimally invasive disease therapy patent, US-7598067-B2: PDEs and uses thereof patent, US-7761110-B2: Floor control templates for use in push-to-talk applications patent, US-8232910-B1: RTAWS active tower hazard detection system patent, US-7229129-B2: Ventilated seat patent, US-7511718-B2: Media integration layer patent, US-8546437-B2: Compounds and compositions and methods of use patent, US-8318904-B2: Liquid, aqueous pharmaceutical compositions of factor VII polypeptides patent, US-7732819-B2: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-7612020-B2: Composite arrays utilizing microspheres with a hybridization chamber patent, US-8144640-B2: Location tracking in a wireless communication system using power levels of packets received by repeaters patent, US-7799337-B2: Method for directed intranasal administration of a composition patent, US-8124586-B2: Prevention and reduction of blood loss patent, US-7355068-B2: Oxidation system with internal secondary reactor patent, US-8361367-B2: Flame simulating assembly patent, US-8067491-B2: Silated cyclic core polysulfides, their preparation and use in filled elastomer compositions patent, US-7523126-B2: Using hyperbolic trees to visualize data generated by patent-centric and group-oriented data processing patent, US-8341586-B2: Method and system for routing patent, US-7829712-B2: Pyridazine derivatives for inhibiting human stearoyl-CoA-desaturase patent, US-8272461-B2: Wheelchair suspension patent, US-8016824-B2: Electrosurgical pencil with drag sensing capability patent, US-670773-A: Dental chair. patent, US-688653-A: Tool-operating machine. patent, US-695800-A: Collapsible match-box. patent, US-704956-A: Electric generator. patent, US-706648-A: Tobacco-pouch. patent, US-718781-A: Linotype-machine. patent, US-719542-A: Garbage plant. patent, US-734421-A: Fuel-governor for oil-engines. patent, US-736357-A: Hatch. patent, US-759062-A: Device for distributing noxious fumes. patent, US-762291-A: Grinding-machine. patent, US-765763-A: Service-cup. patent, US-771505-A: Adding-machine. patent, US-778133-A: Motor-vehicle. patent, US-780476-A: Endless-chain saw. patent, US-794643-A: Art of manufacturing decoy-ducks or the like. patent, US-810239-A: Feeding attachment for threshers. patent, US-810747-A: Coin-controlled vending-machine. patent, US-815747-A: Corset and abdominal supporter. patent, US-834482-A: Seeder. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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